What’s Happening at SASHA Farm?


Today, March 13th, we celebrate Sheldon’s birthday! Many of you know Sheldon’s story – he was rescued by a young girl named Ruby at a 4H auction, where she talked her mother into buying the lamb so he would not go to slaughter. She chose SASHA Farm for his forever home, and from that moment on, Ruby knew that his birthdays would be celebrated every single year. She’s missed visiting him due to the pandemic, but she continues to support him through her donations raised in her dog walking and pet care business. Congratulations Sheldon AND THANK YOU Ruby for your gift of life to Sheldon. We love you!


Don’t let a name fool you! Olga is a “he” –  also known as the friendly orange rooster. I’m sure you’ll agree when seeing his picture that he is a quite a handsome fella too! His wattles (the fleshy growths under his chin), and his combs (the fleshy growths on top of his head) are large and distinctive. (Both male and female chickens can have combs and wattles.)

He was part of several chicks purchased by a family in a nearby community. His owners thought he was a hen, hence his name, but he started crowing. Unfortunately, once it was clear he was a rooster, he was violating a local ordinance, and he did not make the neighbors very happy either. Luckily for Olga, his owners found SASHA and he joined the SASHA Family. He’s never had to worry about leaving his home again and he can crow whenever the time is right for him!

His caregivers describe him as “a very sweet rooster who loves attention. Being the only rooster in the Main Coop means he has a big job to do on a daily basis. He has to care for many hens to ensure they are safe during the day and tucked in properly at night. Olga has a good relationship with most of the birds in the Main Coop, but he has a very special bond with Marty, our little chick rescued from a hotel room a few years ago – they are most certainly best friends forever. Like most birds, he loves to dust bathe with his buddies and lies in the yard on sunny days. In the evening, he snuggles up to Jack, our female turkey. Being a rooster at SASHA is pretty awesome!”

Olga makes every day better at SASHA for hens like Marty and the rest of Olga’s flock, and for sweet turkeys like Jack. And he makes his caregivers smile every day. Life is SO good at SASHA!!


Henry Plummer’s 13th birthday fundraiser for SASHA! This is Henry’s 4th year raising funds for the animal residents through his birthday fundraiser. His greatest gift is to help animals. Henry has been vegan since conception, and has sponsored 3 SASHA animal residents, Lucky the turkey, Meadow the pig, and Babs the sheep. Henry loves to ski and loves teaching others about compassion towards all living beings.

Please donate, and help Henry and the animal residents!

Click HERE to donate to Henry’s fundraiser for the animals.

Doorboxes and Marty Stickers: Most of you know Marty, our beautiful rescued chicken, found abandoned at an area motel by an employee who had just gone to a room to clean it, where she found Marty inside a cardboard box, just barely alive. We assume the guests had bought the chick as an Easter gift for a child, but lost interest.

Two years later, Marty is a happy, outgoing hen, living a life she might never have had. Please think twice before purchasing baby chicks for children at Easter. Most end up as throwaways. But now, Marty is not only loving her life, she’s famous! She is on one of the rescued animal stickers created by our friends at “No Stamps Needed.” If you’re looking for an innovative birthday or Easter gift for children which also supports animal rescue, check out the Doorboxes & stickers here: www.nostampsneeded.com.

The Doorboxes come in 4 colors and the stickers feature residents from various rescues, including Marty. First, add a Doorbox to your cart, and then SASHA’s Marty the Chick sticker and biography. Use the code SASHAFARM in the discount code at checkout, and you’ll receive the Marty sticker and bio at no charge, as an introductory offer. No Stamps Needed will donate all proceeds from Marty’s sticker sales (in this case the proceeds as they would have been without the special offer) to SASHA. Thank you Josephine of No Stamps Needed for developing this great idea for all families who want to “share the love” for one another and for all animals.


Did you know that this is the 20th year that SASHA Farm has been rescuing farmed animals as a non-profit? We’ll be sharing more of our amazing history as the year goes on, and will be offering merchandise to celebrate this wonderful occasion, so stay tuned to our website, Facebook page, and Instagram. In the meantime consider making donations in $20 increments to show your support and love. The SASHA animal residents are so grateful to you for your support over these twenty years.

We are still going strong thanks to each one of you, and we THANK YOU! We couldn’t do this work without your partnership.

Here is our beloved Shania, showing her love…



We’ll open again on April 1st. That’s right around the corner! Get ready to purchase some great spring T’s and show your support for the SASHA animal residents!


When will you re-open?

We have not yet set dates for our events, but you will be the first to know! Check our Facebook Page and Website frequently! Michigan is not ‘out of the woods’ yet but as soon as we feel comfortable and can ensure the safety of our staff, owners, volunteers and supporters, we will start planning events. You can anticipate some changes to help us all be safe.

When can volunteers come back?

We have not yet set a date for the return of volunteers, but we have surely missed our wonderful volunteers. We will announce the time when we can accept new volunteers on our Facebook page and website. If you are a returning volunteer we will send you an email or call you.

Are the animals and people of SASHA OK?

The animals of SASHA have thrived during this time, due to the incredible and compassionate loving care of the animal care staff. Thank you Shara, Lisa, John, Brece, Shaunna, Katie, and of course our founders Monte and Dorothy, as well as our devoted cat barn volunteers, for keeping the animals warm and safe and healthy, with full bellies and happy smiles. (SASHA Farm – where the animals smile!) Thank you Debbie and Marilyn for keeping the office humming along, despite working remotely for the past year, and to the Board (Dorothy, Monte, Bob, Stacey and Marilyn) for watching over everything during these times. Most importantly, thanks to all our wonderful supporters for your continued donations and never wavering support, even when your own circumstances were not easy. We love you all.

Did you miss us?

That goes without saying, but we will say it! WE MISSED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU AND CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN. All those sponsored animals who have not yet met their sponsors can hardly wait to greet you. Keeping everyone safe and well (animals AND humans) will be our number one priority.