Maynard Finds Peace and Freedom at SASHA Farm

Maynard grazes in the peaceful pastures at SASHA Farm, lazily hanging out with his fellow sheep pals, and watches the fluffy clouds roll by above. He lives for the sound of the hay cart, and never goes without. His life is perfect.

However, it was not always that way. We estimated that he was born around 2013. He grew up inside a dark garage, tied to a pole, with no sunlight or grass to graze. He was simply biding his time until slaughter. Maynard was being raised by backyard butchers who hit him with bats because they believed that the more suffering they caused him before slaughter, the better his meat would be after his death.

But Maynard never gave up. Like so many of the incredible animals who join the SASHA Family, his desire to live was so strong that he called for help. He called so loudly and so often that a neighbor finally called the police. Luckily, it was illegal to keep sheep for slaughter where Maynard was living, so our friends in Animal Control called SASHA Farm, and at last he took his freedom ride to his lifetime home at SASHA.

Now he is living out his life in peace, free from abuse and the threat of slaughter. Understandingly, due to his traumatic start in life, he is still very timid and skittish with people, but our animal care team reports that he is finally warming up to people and loves treats. His favorite pastime is lying under the shady tree in the main yard. He has integrated very nicely into the sheep community at SASHA Farm and is truly part of the Family.

You are loved, Maynard.