Jasmine and Gizmo the Goats Learn the ‘Ropes’ at SASHA Farm

Jasmine and Gizmo are two goats who lived their entire lives on a small farm, companion animals to a couple who called them their “baby goats”. But the couple’s circumstances changed, and they needed to find new forever homes for their beloved goats. They looked tirelessly for a new home which would give Jasmine and Gizmo the same safe and loving environment that they had known, with no fear of being slaughtered. They finally found SASHA Farm. Jasmine and Gizmo arrived on October 10, 2019 with leashes and collars, and shared sad goodbyes with the people they had known and loved all their lives.

Jasmine is a Pygmy goat. Gizmo, a  LaMancha, appears much larger and seems to tower above her. As you might expect, both goats were loving and sweet when they first arrived, used to being handled by humans, but no experience with other goats.  Soon they were affectionately known as “Jazzy J” and “Mo” by their new caregivers.

Jasmine adapted well to the other goats and located the big pasture immediately – she loved to wander and quickly found the other pygmies. She was independent, but over the past year has become great friends with pygmies Mazzy, Frankie and Millie, and they can often be found playing together. Gizmo had a more difficult time getting used to his new life. He had been very attached to the woman who brought him and was initially confused and grieving over his loss.

He started out in the special needs area so we could make certain he had all the attention he needed, monitoring him closely to ensure he was eating enough and getting exercise.  He followed the staff and volunteers around and became especially attached to our Animal Care Manager Shara. To this day, he looks for her first, as it is important for him to know where she is. If it is Shara’s day off, then he makes certain he locates one of the other loving humans who cares for him.

He was slowly introduced to the pasture and now, he will run and hang out with the other goats and sheep. His confidence and independence have grown. However, most likely humans will always be his first choice, and Shara is #1 among the humans – he even sneaks into the main yard by the people barn when he sees her! We will always respect his need for human companionship and make certain he has the love and attention which helps him remain happy and content.

About LaManchas: They are thought to have descended from Spanish goats brought by early settlers to California and are now often used as dairy goats. They are known to be the friendliest breed of goats, having positive dispositions – inquisitive, loveable, easygoing and cooperative. Their small ears make them unique (they often appear earless!). There are two types of LaMancha ears – the gopher ear and the elf ear. Gizmo sports the gopher ear – which is described as up to 1 inch tall with little or no cartilage. The elf ear can be up to 2 inches tall, so is more noticeable but still small (like SASHA’s other LaMancha Nathan). Lamancha goats reach about 28 to 30 inches tall and weigh between 130 to 165 pounds.

About Pygmies: Pygmy goats are small goats of African origin. Between 1930 and 1960, pygmies were imported to the United States for use either as zoo animals or for research; some were later kept for pets. Now, although considered “meat” goats, they are usually found as pets or in zoos. Females weigh about 35 to 50 pounds and males 40 to 60 pounds. Their color can range from variations of caramel, grey, brown and more. The pygmy is small with short legs, but stocky and compact. The males usually have beards, but not the females. They are good natured, although they can be stubborn and independent. They have hardy constitutions and are able to adapt to virtually all climates. Most love having companions, even from other species.

Goats in general live around 10-12 years, but many goats at SASHA Farm live well beyond 12 years.

Jasmine and Gizmo are safe, happy and content in their lives at SASHA Farm, and we treasure every day we have to love and care for them. If you are interested in sponsoring Jazmine or Gizmo, please check out our sponsorship tab on our website or email sponsorships@sashafarm.org. The goats will love you forever!