Meet the Animals: Albert and Nicolette

Albert and Nicolette came from a loving home in Michigan. Their human ‘dad’ had passed away and their loving ‘mom’ wanted to move closer to other family. Sadly, she could not take the ducks with her. SASHA had just lost two of their ducks and was grieving over their loss, so we welcomed Einstein, a Pekin duck, and Nicolette, a Rouen duck.

They were bonded, having lived together for their entire lives. Because we already had an Einstein, we changed his name to Albert, and he caught on!

Albert is very protective of Nicolette, who sometimes tells him in no uncertain terms that she doesn’t need his protection! But they go everywhere and do everything together at SASHA. We are so grateful to have the privilege of caring for these two beauties, with their distinctive personalities. How we love our ducks!

And, oh, by the way, Albert won the Best Hairstyle of 2021 contest! He didn’t let it go to his head one bit, lol!