Dorothy’s legacy lives on. Not only through the work our SASHA family is providing, but through the numerous animals that SASHA Farm has rescued over the last 30 years. This includes Tod, a very special gift from Monte to Dorothy.

Tod is spelled without a second “d” for a reason – spelled in reverse, it had been the nickname of one of SASHA’s founders, Dorothy Davies. Dorothy never cared for the nickname “DOT” which was given to her by her classmates, but she fell in love with Tod the Holstein calf on the first day he came to SASHA. He was purchased in the summer of 2010 by Monte Jackson as a gift for Dorothy’s birthday, saving Tod from being sold at the livestock auction and slaughtered to become dinner on someone’s table.

Instead, Tod joined the SASHA family and was soon known as one of the most sociable and loving calves who had ever lived at this peaceful sanctuary.

Enjoy the beauty of Tod in these pictures.

Celebrating Dorothy’s birthday this past August
How I love squash