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Update Your Wardrobe and Show Your Love for the Animals!

Looking for a way to spruce up your spring wardrobe while helping the SASHA Farm animal residents at the same time? We have great news for you! We are re-launching Bonfire campaigns on 3 of our most popular limited edition shirts, in case you missed them the first time around. Don’t delay!!!

Team Norman shirts, hoodies and pullovers:

Friends Not Food (Bhima and Daisy Belle):

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And more good news – our SASHA Farm online store re- opens APRIL 1st – bright and early, so check it out by choosing Shop from the website menu or tab.

Below are just a few selections – check out the store for so much more!

Spring Sponsorships for SASHA residents are HERE

Give a gift to yourself and to an animal resident at SASHA Farm by SPONSORING one of the SASHA residents who would love to hear from you. Or, looking for gift ideas for upcoming summer birthdays or other occasions? Look no further than a sponsorship of one of the animals featured in our Meet the Animals series, like Norman the steer, or Norman the donkey. Or consider Millie the goat, Babs the sheep, Sugar the pig, or Siena the Guernsey/Brahman cow. All have stories they would love to tell you about how they came to SASHA Farm.

Sponsorships last for one year and start at just $100. You can sponsor an animal by clicking on Sponsorships on our website. Or, email If you aren’t sure which animal to choose, we would be more than happy to select the individual most in need of a sponsor. Make this a wonderful spring for one of the SASHA residents!

The Week of March 21st, 2021: What’s New?

Meet Tod the Holstein

Tod is spelled without a second “d” for a reason – spelled in reverse, it had been the nickname of one of SASHA’s founders, Dorothy Davies. Dorothy never cared for the nickname “DOT” which was given to her by her classmates, but she fell in love with Tod the Holstein calf on the first day he came to SASHA. He was purchased in the summer of 2010 by Monte Jackson as a gift for Dorothy’s birthday, saving Tod from being sold at the livestock auction and slaughtered to become dinner on someone’s table. Instead, Tod joined the SASHA family and was soon known as one of the most sociable and loving calves who had ever lived at this peaceful sanctuary.

Tod is a brown and white Holstein, with slightly variegated colored horns. He is the tallest animal at the sanctuary. His fluffy ears and beautiful red color help add to his gentle giant status. Because he came to the farm when still a small calf, he has been around humans his whole life, and this has shaped him into the sweet and friendly steer he is today. He gets along with all of the rest in the herd, but has a special bond with Shania, the sweet and loving Brown Swiss, who “mothers” all the other cows. 

Tod loves snacks and has a very distinctive “moo” that informs his humans he is looking for said snacks. (“A big guy like me has gotta eat” he says!) He’s a wonderful example of how a huge steer can actually be an amazing and affectionate “grass puppy”, amicable and full of personality. He graces SASHA with his gentle presence and reminds all the humans who meet him about what is really important in this life on earth, when we give animals the opportunity to be the sentient beings that they were meant to be. We are grateful for the opportunity to know Tod and to share his life.


You will be able to purchase all kinds of great merchandise to start the spring season. We will also be adding links so you can purchase our limited edition t-shirts that you may have missed, such as everyone’s favorite, TEAM NORMAN! Stay tuned!!