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Jazzy J and Wally’s Hay Drive for SASHA Farm

This is Jazzy J ! She’s a new kid on the block and wants you to meet her. She loves her hay and would love for you to contribute to this Hay Drive for SASHA Farm.

Jazzy J (one of our “newbies”) and Wally (a long time SASHA goat resident) want you to know that this is the time of year when we fill up the hay barn with their food, so the goats and all their hay eating pals at SASHA Farm will have plenty to eat in the upcoming months. They love their hay almost as much as they love YOU, so Jazzy J and Wally are asking for your help – “keep it coming” they say!

Hey, did you know these HAY facts?

  • The hay eating SASHA animal residents (cows, equines, goats and sheep) eat almost $1000 of hay per week
  • A $7 donation will feed Bhima for a day (this big boy weighs about 2000 pounds!)
  • A $50 donation will feed Bhima for a week

Your contribution to Jazzy J and Wally’s hay drive will make an impact for all the hay eaters, whether you donate $5 or $500. Please donate to our Facebook Fundraiser, or mail a check to: SASHA Farm, PO Box 222, Manchester MI 48158. You can also donate via Paypal from our website, or Venmo a donation to @SASHA-Farm.

Please let us know that your donation is for the Hay Drive.

Jazzy J and Wally are so grateful for your help, so they promise you lots of “goat attention” when they can see you again! And they’re excited to announce that all donors of $5 or more will be entered in a contest. The winner is the person who comes closest to guessing “How many bales of hay can we stack in the hay barn?” Your gift for guessing correctly? A SASHA t-shirt!

Here’s Wally loving all his days at SASHA Farm and happy to co-chair this Hay Drive with Jazzy J!

THANK YOU AGAIN for all of your love and support. We couldn’t do this without you.

This Campaign has Ended – But Stay Tuned!

Thank you to all our supporters who showed their love for Daisy Belle and Bhima and ALL the SASHA Farm animal residents by purchasing the ‘Daisy Belle and Bhima: Friends Not Food‘ limited edition shirt. If you missed it, don’t dismay. Another new shirt and campaign will be coming soon!! Stay tuned to this website and to our Facebook page, and let us know who you would like to honor on your next shirt.

Check out all the other great SASHA Farm merchandise by clicking HERE, or choose SHOP on the website menu.

The animals are grateful to you for helping them through your purchase of all SASHA Farm merchandise. The proceeds from merchandise sales will go towards food and medical care this summer and fall. We’d love to see pictures of you wearing your new Daisy Belle – Bhima shirt or any SASHA merchandise, so post them on Facebook or Instagram, or email your pictures to:

Baseball Tee

The SASHA Farm Online Store is Open!!

Below are just a few of the many items we have available in our online store. Click HERE to start shopping for all the great items we have for all occasions. Or, treat yourself – you deserve it!

Every time you buy SASHA merchandise, you’re helping the SASHA Farm animal residents. Email a picture of yourself wearing your new shirt to We’d love to see your happy faces and so will the animals!