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HAY DRIVE for the SASHA Animal Residents!

Want to join us in supporting a good cause? We’re raising money for the animal residents of SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. Thank you so much for your support of the 200+ animal residents. We’ve included information about SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary below.

The mission of SASHA Farm is to provide a safe and secure environment, lifetime care and medical treatment for unwanted, neglected, misused, and abused farmed animals, as well as to foster a better understanding of these animals through education. Facebook pays all the processing fees for you, so 100% of your donation goes directly to the animals who are fortunate enough to call SASHA their home!



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Sharing the Joy: Daisy Belle the Tiny Holstein!

Daisy Belle…gracing SASHA Farm with her joy every day

Many of you have followed Daisy Belle since she came to SASHA Farm in the winter of 2017. This tiny Holstein calf arrived when she was only 13 days old. She began her life on a dairy farm in Michigan, born much smaller than a typical calf, and thought unable to one day reproduce and produce milk. So, because it was believed that she provided no value to the farm where she was born, she was discarded into the corner of a stall, and left to die. It was a miracle that she survived! A compassionate person became aware of her plight and did everything possible to find her a safe and loving home at a sanctuary. SASHA Farm immediately stepped forward to welcome her with open arms and provide a forever home for this small and innocent calf.

Daisy Belle was so young when she arrived that she had to be bottle fed for her initial weeks here at SASHA Farm. She suffered from numerous health problems, including pneumonia and she could not seem to gain weight. She will always be much smaller than her fellow bovines here at SASHA, and suffers from congenital cataracts, but she is now doing much better health wise. Many of you have seen her videos. Despite all that she has been through, the past is long gone from her existence, and she only lives for the joy she feels every single day.

Once she became healthier and strong enough, she moved into the pasture with the sheep and goats, and Bhima became her first best friend, followed shortly by Suzy the lamb, whom she befriended when Suzy came as a baby and was missing her human rescuer. Daisy Belle is very playful, and will engage any friendly face who wants to play with her. Humans and animals of all species are her immediate friends.

Daisy Belle and BFF Bhima

Here are some facts about Holsteins:

They originated from the Netherlands, approximately 2000 years ago.

•They are noble animals, most quickly recognized by their distinctive color patterns of black and white, or occasionally red and white. But no two color patterns among Holsteins are exactly the same!

•A Holstein calf typically weighs 80 lbs. at birth, while a mature Holstein can weigh 1500 lbs., and be 58” tall at the shoulder.

•Holsteins are intelligent, inquisitive, and shy. They like affection and are very docile.

We are grateful that Daisy Belle joined our SASHA family and that we were able to help her through all the tough times of her early life. Now she helps us all, every day. We are in awe at the individual that she has become, despite being taken from her mother, who grieved just as much as Daisy Belle. Our bond with Daisy Belle will never be broken.