Stephen Colbert came to SASHA Farm in the fall of 2007. A tiny pygmy goat kid, only a day or two old, he’d been taken from his mother and was being auctioned off by the pound for meat at the local livestock exchange. A longtime SASHA supporter happened to be there that day, and recognizing that this little baby was growing weaker by the minute, she bought him and brought him here.
While we couldn’t replace his real mother, we did the best we could, pairing him up with a “big brother” goat to keep him company and feeding him around the clock for weeks until he was weaned. Stephen won many hearts, including that of a special barn cat who arrived shortly after he did, and spent the winter sleeping next to him every night.
Stephen’s all grown up now, but is still one of the smallest of the goat herd. Some think he’s the handsomest, too!