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Johan the mule used to roam 170 acres of lush pasture. No one told him what to do, and he didn’t have a care in the world. So, why is he here? Well, he also didn’t have a few things that are critical to keeping a mule like him safe, like good strong fences, medical care and people who would gently train him to accept the handling necessary for health maintenance and transport.
Johan’s family didn’t understand that although a mule is the result of the breeding of a female horse and a male donkey and cannot reproduce, a male mule left intact still develops all the behavior and unpredictability of any other stallion. When he followed his natural urges right through the fence and over to the female horses at the racing stable next door a few times, endangering himself, the stable workers and the horses, he found that a mule without manners isn’t a very welcome guest. The stable owners threatened Johan’s human family with a legal action if his visits didn’t stop, and they felt they had no choice but to euthanize him if a suitable home couldn’t be found quickly.
Johan came to live at SASHA Farm where some TLC and a little castration surgery turned him into an almost perfect gentlemen.