little teenage rooster


Lewis’ mother was once forced to lay egg after egg for human consumption, but once she was rescued by SASHA Farm, she was determined to have a family of her own. When no one was looking, she somehow made her way into the rafters of a storage barn and laid a few eggs on a piece of barn siding. She kept her secret well hidden until one day she realized that her newly hatched family couldn’t make the long leap to the ground as easily as she did. She called her chicks and paced frantically and that alerted the humans that something was amiss. After a little rescue mission to help the chicks down from the rafters, the family was reunited on the ground.

All grown up now, Lewis is one of those chicks. He has the same determination and rebellious spirit as his mother, may she rest in peace. (Unfortunately, hens who are forced to lay more eggs for human consumption than they naturally would rarely live to see old age, even after being given their freedom and a healthier, hormone-free diet.) Despite being one of the smaller roosters in the flock, he’s one of the proudest, crowing to greet every visitor. We think his mom would be proud of the rooster he’s become.