Poor Maynard grew up inside a dark garage, tied to a pole inside, with no sunlight and no grass to graze, this little sheep was simply biding his time until slaughter. He didn’t give up, though. He called for help. He called so loudly and so often that a neighbor finally called the police. It is illegal to keep livestock in the city where Maynard was living, so when no one answered the door at the residence and the sheep turned out to be in a terrible state of neglect, the police seized him. When the owner of the house showed up to claim him, he said that the sheep would have been killed the next day, and he didn’t understand why he had to treat the animal well if he was just going to be killed. Luckily for the sheep, he wasn’t returned and instead came to live at SASHA Farm. There is much more to Maynard’s story, though. You can read all about his arrival and surgery on our blog.