Phoenix the Young Rooster: Phoenix, while still a male chick, was surrendered to SASHA Farm after being in an elementary school classroom. The young student who brought him here decided that he would have a better life at SASHA Farm. Phoenix is now a thriving young rooster, loved by all of the volunteers!

Iggy the Rooster: Several fighting roosters came to SASHA from a fighting ring broken up in Ohio several years ago. Of the original twelve, there is only one left, Iggy. Iggy can be seen below taking a walk with volunteer Katie. He can be aggressive with other roosters so he has his own outdoors and indoors space in our “new coop” area. (pictured is Iggy and volunteer Katie)

Ricky the Bantam rooster: Ricky was being raised in the city, but neighbors complained about his loud crowing, so his owner surrendered him to SASHA. He arrived with Violet, and they were very close, living in their own comfortable space with Vinny, another Bantam rooster. Violet passed away, as did Ricky’s second love, Violet the second, so now Ricky and Vinny are in the “new coop” area with the others. Ricky has some behavior issues with humans from time to time but if handled gently, he can be held and will perch on your shoulder.