NORMAN is a mammoth donkey, loved by all. He was surrendered to SASHA Farm because he was not fitting in as a “therapy donkey” at a local rehabilitation clinic. He’s friendly, oh so funny, but once in a while he gets it into his head to give you a little “love bite” to show you how much he adores you.

Not to be confused with Norman the cow.

Some of our beautiful equines: (left to right) Johann, Brute, Angel, Walker, Kira

JOHANN: is a mule who ran free for three years on 100 acres. He was almost put down by authorities after chasing the girls at a nearby racehorse breeding farm. He was not treated well as he was chased off the property, and he remains very afraid of humans. We do not force contact, and simply let him be. He has made some progress over the years and will sometimes even approach us!

FACT: A mule is produced when a male donkey mates with a female horse.

BRUTE, ANGEL AND WALKER: SASHA Farm received information about 3 equines that had no place to go and time was running out. The people who cared for these 3 animals had fallen on very hard times and their property was being foreclosed on, so they had to move, and the horse and mules could not go with them. We did not want to see these beautiful animals end up in uncertain circumstances, so Dorothy Davies and Monte Jackson drove to the Gaylord MI area to pick them up. Now, 5 years later, they are safe and happy at SASHA Farm. Brute is a sweet horse and has a little bit of sass. Walker and Angel are super gentle mules and like two peas in a pod


Angel (L) and Walker