Maynard Finds Peace and Freedom at SASHA Farm

Maynard grazes in the peaceful pastures at SASHA Farm, lazily hanging out with his fellow sheep pals, and watches the fluffy clouds roll by above. He lives for the sound of the hay cart, and never goes without. His life is perfect.

However, it was not always that way. We estimated that he was born around 2013. He grew up inside a dark garage, tied to a pole, with no sunlight or grass to graze. He was simply biding his time until slaughter. Maynard was being raised by backyard butchers who hit him with bats because they believed that the more suffering they caused him before slaughter, the better his meat would be after his death.

But Maynard never gave up. Like so many of the incredible animals who join the SASHA Family, his desire to live was so strong that he called for help. He called so loudly and so often that a neighbor finally called the police. Luckily, it was illegal to keep sheep for slaughter where Maynard was living, so our friends in Animal Control called SASHA Farm, and at last he took his freedom ride to his lifetime home at SASHA.

Now he is living out his life in peace, free from abuse and the threat of slaughter. Understandingly, due to his traumatic start in life, he is still very timid and skittish with people, but our animal care team reports that he is finally warming up to people and loves treats. His favorite pastime is lying under the shady tree in the main yard. He has integrated very nicely into the sheep community at SASHA Farm and is truly part of the Family.

You are loved, Maynard.

Cat Lovers Needed!

If you love cats, we’d love to have your help!  Our dedicated cat lovers provide lots of TLC, pampering, cleaning and feeding one day per week. Cuddles and purrs are always available. Shifts begin in the morning and last 3 hours.  Please contact Lynn at to apply. 

The cats are looking forward to meeting you!

Debbie the Mule and Rosie the Donkey Find their Forever Homes at SASHA

Rosie the donkey (L) and Debbie the mule hanging out together for a picture!

Debbie, SASHA’s smallest and shyest mule, and Rosie, the smallest of SASHA’s donkeys, joined the SASHA Family in July of 2018. In their earlier lives they lived with a large group of horses and donkeys, receiving poor care and little human attention. Eventually both equines were rescued from their original situation by a loving, compassionate couple in Michigan and they all lived happily on a small Michigan farm. The couple surrendered Debbie and Rosie to SASHA Farm when they found they needed to relocate, no longer able to keep up with the work of their farm. They were happy to find a forever home where the two equines could be together in a safe and loving atmosphere.

As time passed, the two became more independent of each other, and have now joined different family units. Rosie the donkey has attached herself to Norman, our Mammoth Donkey, whereas Debbie the mule spends much of her time grazing alone or tagging along with the other mules. Debbie is approximately 18-19 years old, and Rosie is about 22.

At first, Rosie was pretty timid. She had a hard time fitting in and rarely showed her humans any affection. She often seemed lonely and unsure. Nowadays, our littlest donkey has warmed up to her caretakers and can be seen following them around the horse yard, braying for attention. She wraps herself around her favorite people to show her love and appreciation, while hanging out often with her biggest best friend Norman!

Debbie is our most cautious equine. She’s still in the process of getting comfortable with any human interaction. This meek mule will hang back so she is hidden among the other equines, avoiding any attention. However, she has come a very long way. She used to run away from even the slightest eye contact and wouldn’t go near any of her caretakers. Now, she will slowly approach us for treats and seems interested in our presence. It’s a start and we couldn’t be prouder of her progress.

Rosie the donkey and Debbie the mule are perfect additions to our animal family, and we continue to celebrate each as they find their own journeys to being individuals in their own right. It’s amazing to see them blossom into their own personalities.