Peepers came to us a very confused goose. Raised by a woman as a house pet, he bonded closely to her and when he grew up, he decided she would be his mate. As a good male goose does, he defended his mate against anything he saw as a danger, including the other humans in the house. Before long, she couldn’t interact with anyone without Peepers becoming increasingly alarmed and aggressive. She brought him to SASHA Farm in hopes that we could help him lead a more normal goose life.
For weeks, Peepers stood alone at the pasture gate, waiting for volunteers to come visit him. He had no interest in the other geese because he believed he should be looking for a mate like the one who left him. Finally, though it took months, Peepers was eventually convinced by the other geese that he belonged with the flock and now he spends his days roaming the pasture with his new love.