Jefferson’s Basket


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Jefferson came to SASHA Farm in 2003 and still has people talking today. He escaped slaughter and was lucky enough to come and live at SASHA Farm. He’s been incredibly loved ever since, and will be safe here for the rest of his life.

Jefferson’s story had a happy ending. Help us make more of those!

Jefferson’s Basket contains:

1 Box of Vegan Bon Bons from Bon Bon Bon
1 Package Banana Spears from Giddy Yoyo
1 Chocolate Bar from Giddy Yoyo
1 Dark Chocolate Orange Bar from Equal Exchange
1 pack Truffles from UliMana
1 box Caramels from Lagusta’s Luscious
1 Gourmet Earl Lemon Lollipop from Amalia Bakery
1 Chocolate Bunny from Sjaak’s

Acutal wicker baskets will vary as these items have been donated.