Upcoming Events

Valentine’s Benefit Dinner February 17 at the Detroit Street Filling Station

WHEN: Sunday February 17 from 6-8:30 pm to benefit our 350 SASHA Farm animal residents.
WHERE: Detroit Street Filling Station, 300 Detroit Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
The ticket price is $75 per person, and there will only be 60 tickets available, so buy your tickets NOW! The menu is vegan, as always, and we will publish it soon, but if you have special dietary needs or questions, please send an email to Bob Harvie at bob@sashafarm.org.
Looking forward to seeing you, in celebration of the SASHA Animal Residents.

Buy tickets HERE!


SASHA Farm Policy for Photographers/Artists

Visitors to SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary love to take pictures of the beautiful animals who live here, our green, rolling pastures, and our idyllic red barns. While we encourage visitors to take pictures for their own personal enjoyment, we do ask that professional photographers, videographers, and artists working in other visual mediums understand and agree to follow our photo policy. Photographers and other artists interested in visiting the sanctuary should understand and agree to the following points:
  • The artist’s work must support the sanctuary’s mission and include details of the sanctuary, our work and our mission, including a link to our website, in any literature or text accompanying their pieces.
  • At SASHA, we care for animals, including those previously destined for slaughter, without regard for personal benefit or enrichment. To this end, we ask that photographers and other artists seeking to sell their work donate a pre-determined amount to the sanctuary to help us care for the animals. We also encourage artists to donate an item(s) to our annual banquet auction.
  • When possible, copies of photographs or other work will be given to the sanctuary for unlimited use with credit given to the artist, when requested.
  • Before photographers and other artists may begin their work at the sanctuary, they must discuss their intentions with the sanctuary director and complete a contract. Please note that SASHA has a small staff and may not be able to accommodate all requests for tours or visits.
If you’re a professional photographer or visual artist interested in visiting the sanctuary, please contact us at info@sashafarm.org.