Check Out SASHA’s New Shirt Just in Time for the Holidays!

We realized we had never celebrated our sheep and goats with their very own shirt. So here it is! Some of your favorites got together one nice fall day to pose,  and they hope you will love the resulting shirt as much as they do!

Celebrate Dave Ramsey, Sheldon, Suzy, Frankie and Mazzy and all the other sheep and goats at SASHA Farm by purchasing their shirt and helping to provide food and medical care throughout the winter months.

You will have the choice of  several styles and colors, and they will ship just in time for the holidays.  Follow this LINK to go to our Bonfire campaign which is running now through December 3rd, with shirts shipping between December 12 and 21st.

Thank you to SASHA Farm volunteer Grace Taylor for designing the shirt for SASHA Farm!

Here are the stories of the featured animal residents:

This shirt and your purchase are in honor of (from L to R on the shirt), Dave Ramsey the ram, Sheldon the sheep, Suzy the lamb, and Frankie and Mazzy, the goats. Each has a story to tell.

Dave Ramsey was a former petting zoo ram who was bullied by the other animals as he became older and was going to be “retired”, so SASHA Farm became his safe haven. Sheldon was a 4H lamb raised to be sold as meat but was rescued from slaughter by a young girl who brought him to SASHA Farm. She now supports Sheldon through her pet sitting business.  Suzy was born on a large sheep farm where she was rejected by her mother and had no value to the farm. A compassionate girl bottle fed her in her home, eventually giving her to SASHA where Suzy could be with other lambs and sheep. Mazzy and Frankie were victims of a hoarding case. Both were held in small enclosures (Frankie in a dog crate) at this “hobby farm.” When they first came to SASHA with many other goats and sheep from this farm, Frankie was unable to walk. Now, he and Mazzy run free in the beautiful SASHA Farm pastures.

Thank you for helping these animals celebrate every day at SASHA Farm. We celebrate YOU for your support and love!

The Survivors – Loving Life at SASHA Farm

As colder weather approaches, Bob (left, above) and Sugar love to snuggle together in their warm bed. These “two peas in a pod” enjoy the comfortable and safe environment that SASHA provides them, along with the endless love they receive from their humans. This wasn’t always the case, as these two beautiful beings were part of the Livingston County Dairy Farm Cruelty Case you may have read about in previous posts.

Though they were terribly mistreated, left to die, and still babies when they arrived at SASHA, they beat the odds and are happily thriving with all of the other animals at our sanctuary. Sadly, 70 others didn’t make it out of that horrific situation. However, their spirits live on through all the survivors, and we will be forever thankful to have them to care for. Each individual reminds us of why we do what we do, and all have their own stories to tell. In the end, compassion wins. Here’s to Sugar and Bob and to all the survivors! 

Below you will see Humphrey the pig, the third surviving pig, who is playful and loving, and so happy being with all his SASHA Farm pig buddies, like Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. You’ll also see below the cows Danny, Buford, and Leo, the Holsteins; and Maitri and Sienna, the Brahman/Guernsey mixes.

Thank you to all of our supporters and sponsors who have helped these cows and pigs to know new lives here at SASHA, free from harm. We are so proud to have all eight survivors as part of the SASHA Farm family.  We hope their story inspires you to show kindness to all species, and to see them as friends, not food!

Humphrey – loves to play!

Left to Right: Sienna, Danny, Maitri, Leo, and Buford – knowing that they are home and together, loved and cared for always

Buford – noble but gentle

Danny – friendly and fun-loving


SASHA Farm is on the RADIO!

SASHA Farm is in the news again! Be sure to catch The Lucy Ann Lance Show on Ann Arbor Radio this weekend, when Lucy Ann will interview Brece Clark about SASHA Farm and all the animals who call SASHA Farm their home!

🌟The airing schedule for each station will be:

  • WLBY 1290 AMSunday, 11/4 at 11:30 AM
  • W4 Country, 102.9 FMSunday, 11/4 at 5:00 AM
  • Ann Arbor’s 107one (107.1 FM)Sunday, 11/4 at 6 AM
  • WTKA Sports 1050 AMSunday, 11/4, at 7:30 AM
  • WLBY 1290Monday, 11/5 at 8:50 AM & 10:50 AM

We hope you can all listen in!

Thank you to The Lucy Ann Lance Show and Ann Arbor Radio for this wonderful opportunity to give the SASHA Farm animal residents a chance to be heard!