Meet the Animals: Albert and Nicolette

Albert and Nicolette came from a loving home in Michigan. Their human ‘dad’ had passed away and their loving ‘mom’ wanted to move closer to other family. Sadly, she could not take the ducks with her. SASHA had just lost two of their ducks and was grieving over their loss, so we welcomed Einstein, a Pekin duck, and Nicolette, a Rouen duck.

They were bonded, having lived together for their entire lives. Because we already had an Einstein, we changed his name to Albert, and he caught on!

Albert is very protective of Nicolette, who sometimes tells him in no uncertain terms that she doesn’t need his protection! But they go everywhere and do everything together at SASHA. We are so grateful to have the privilege of caring for these two beauties, with their distinctive personalities. How we love our ducks!

And, oh, by the way, Albert won the Best Hairstyle of 2021 contest! He didn’t let it go to his head one bit, lol!

Thank you for joining our Auction August 25 – 28 on Facebook!

Thanks to all who participated in our auction

A great time was had by all, and the SASHA animal residents thank you from the bottom of their hearts. We love you!!!

Meet Sofia, Isabella, and Diego!! You may know them as the Khart Kids and if you’ve attended past SASHA Farm events, you may have seen their wonderful SASHA animal resident paintings, crafts, and sculptures created from plastic bags. When they heard that our 2021 summer events were going to be virtual only, that didn’t stop them. In past years, they have offered their incredible animal sculptures onsite at events for a donation of $50 each. They sold quickly!

This year, they’ve created even more pieces and provided them to the SASHA Farm staff as a way to share the love and help the animal residents. We are offering them on the SASHA Farm Facebook page, in an auction format, with the bidding starting for each sculpture at $25. The virtual bidding is held from Wednesday, August 25 through Saturday, August 28.

The link to our Facebook page is HERE.

Three sculptures will be up for bid each day. The bidding will begin daily at noon EST and close promptly at 8 PM EST. Highest bidders will be notified of next steps to take in this fun online event that will help provide food, shelter, and medical care for your favorite SASHA Farm animal residents.

Thank you for participating, and thank you Khart kids!! Attached are all the animal resident sculptures that will be up for bid starting this upcoming Wednesday. Let the bidding begin! If you’re curious about the work these young entrepreneurs are creating, check out their website at and Facebook page at !

Meet the Animals: The Black Roosters (aka “The Hateful Eight”)

Eight black roosters were found as chicks on the tarmac at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. These young boys started out as a wild bunch, running around at the airport, dodging rescuers, and avoiding any chance of capture. It was quite a scene and caused much commotion among passersby, and airport employees.

But finally, SASHA Farm to the rescue and now SASHA is their home forever. The first order of business was to give names to these crazy little guys. At the time the Quentin Tarantino movie called The Hateful Eight was playing in theaters, so the whole wild bunch was named The Hateful Eight, after the characters in that movie. Although three have passed over the years, five of the eight are still going strong, and we mean that literally.

The ringleader is Quentin. He has a few white feathers on his tail. The one with a missing eye is Samuel L. The others are Tarantino, Mannix, and Oswaldo – the animal care team can tell them apart by the shape of their combs. The Hateful Eight have truly earned their nickname as a group, as they are indeed the not-so-friendly bunch of all the bird residents. But why would they trust humans – the species who deserted them and left them to die on the tarmac? Plus they are only doing what they were meant to do as roosters – protect their flocks.

Not much has changed since they arrived at SASHA, which makes many of us chuckle. However, though they like to taunt all of the volunteers and staff with their powerful kicking abilities, each beautiful boy has the responsibility of a flock. Quentin, as the overall leader, watches out for predators and protects all the others.

It is often hard for some humans to understand the nature of these roosters, but the loving and compassionate Animal Care team at SASHA treat them with all the love, respect and compassion that they deserve as individual sentient beings. They belong at SASHA and we are humbled to have the privilege of caring for them.