Meet Mr Wiggles

We are thrilled to introduce our new animal resident, a four-month-old Juliana pig, Mr. Wiggles! Though you may have seen his pictures and videos on our social media platforms, we want to share his full rescue story, as all of your donations helped us bring him home to SASHA!

This adorable little guy was given to someone as gift. Unfortunately, they were not interested in providing lifelong care for him. He was living in a very small corner inside a home, scared of the other large animals living there. The owner was looking to give him away to anyone that would take him and as quickly as possible. Luckily, a family heard about his situation and wanted to help. Though they were unable to offer him a forever home, they rescued him and gave him shelter until they could find a loving and safe place for this little pig to call home.

After reaching out to friends, animal shelters, and sanctuaries with no luck, they messaged SASHA. Once we ensured we had the proper resources and space, we happily contacted the family to let them know we could take him in. Mr. Wiggles made his way to SASHA a week ago and is already loved by everyone. He has a very exciting life ahead of him, full of love, safety, belly rubs, and individualized care. Welcome home, little one!

Stay tuned for updates on his upcoming vet visits, how he is adjusting, and watch him grow up with us! If you would like to donate to Mr. Wiggles’ care, email us at If you are interested in giving Mr. Wiggles a permanent first name, email us at As always, thank you for your support!