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Welcome to SASHA Farm

SASHA Farm is the Midwest’s largest farm animal sanctuary

At our shelter, not only do we provide food and water, veterinary care and a roof over their heads, we also give the animal residents affection, social interaction with others of their own species, and a sense of security.

SASHA’s founders, Dorothy Davies and Monte Jackson, started saving animals a couple decades ago. Among the first bunch was a nine-month-old pet shop puppy that a family had purchased, but couldn’t appropriately care for. A female Border Collie/Spaniel mix with a white tip on the end of her tail, she quickly worked her way into Monte’s and Dorothy’s hearts. She was the farm dog in charge of it all, keeping tabs on every other animal that came to live at the farm over the years.

Sasha was a wonderful canine companion, a true friend, who lived and loved for 17 years. In honor and in memory of this beloved dog, her caretakers chose to name their sanctuary “SASHA Farm.” The name SASHA is also an acronym for the animal rescue operation – Sanctuary And Safe Haven for Animals.

The sanctuary currently shelters over 200 animals, each with its own story to tell. Some were dumped and discarded, some left to die. They have come from unhappy circumstances, often mistreated or neglected, but now have a safe, permanent home at SASHA Farm.

As you can see, rescuing and protecting animals has been an important mission for us for many years, and our sanctuary finally became a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in 2001. Donations made to SASHA Farm are tax deductible, and all donations are used to ensure good quality care for our animals, both now and into the future.

Founded in 2001

Showing farmed animals care and compassion for over 20 years

Dorothy Davies and Monte Jackson started rescuing animals in the 1980s. It was a small venture at first. However, once they started bringing in more farmed animals in need of care, they realized they would need assistance with the day-to-day management of the farm. Therefore, they started a nonprofit known as SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary (Sanctuary And Safe Haven for Animals). Over the years, SASHA Farm has saved thousands upon thousands of animals that were abused, neglected, and unwanted.

Our History

Our passion is for animal rights.

The foundation of SASHA Farm started with a strong vision and mission. Our purpose is to help create a more compassionate and kind world, while educating others on the reality of the unnecessary oppression animals face, specifically those born into factory farming. By helping others make connections with the rescues at SASHA, we are aiding in promoting a plant-based diet and supporting better world.

SASHA Farm’s Community

Community is what keeps us going.

Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to improving the lives of animals. Whether it’s by physically caring for the animals, or cleaning barns and pastures, the SASHA family is making our community a better place. We’ve created a wonderful following over the past 20 years and we hope to continue growing. There is a reason why everyone calls this their “Happy Place” when they visit. Come see for yourself!

We can’t help every animal, but everyone can help someone

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