Meet Daisy Belle

Daisy Belle is a female Holstein, born on a dairy farm. She was born with a male twin. The male was removed by the farmer to be raised and sold for meat, but Daisy Belle was found to be sterile, in addition to having congenital cataracts. She was put in a pen, not fed, and left to die. A kindly neighbor convinced the farmer to let her take the calf. Daisy Belle arrived at SASHA at the age of only three weeks and was bottle fed for many months. She had many health issues, including pneumonia. Although she will always be small, she has regained her health and is very playful and curious about everything around her. Although she will always be little lamb (now grown up sheep) Suzy’s best friend, she now runs in the pasture with the “big boys” Bhima and the Jersey Five and really holds her own!