Meet Gerdie, Meadow, Lenny, Karuna, and Ronnie

Five pigs arrived at SASHA Farm on November 3, 2018. The pigs’ birthdate is estimated to be July 2018. They were survivors of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina, but their owner, a farmer who was raising them to be slaughtered, did not want them anymore as they were too small and sickly. He was talked into surrendering them to a North Carolina rescue. The pigs spent some time recovering from upper respiratory infections in NC before they came to SASHA. By April of 2019, they were all named by kind and loving sponsors. All of these pigs would LOVE to be sponsored by you. Gerdie, pictured right, means ‘protected”. Meadow, pictured left, named by her young sponsor Henry, who has raised money for SASHA for his birthday in lieu of birthday presents for two years in a row. Other pigs from the North Carolina rescue include Lenny, Karuna and Ronnie – they’re all just waiting for your call!