Meet Sugar, Humphrey, and Bob

Livingston County (MI) Dairy Farm Cruelty Case: Three pigs and five cows, rescued by SASHA Farm staff and Livingston County Animal control, came to live at SASHA Farm in September 2017. These cows and pigs were the only survivors out of 70 other animals who had starved to death. Read our blogs about this rescue HERE and HERE and an eyewitness account HERE. Meet the pig survivors below, who were named by their loving sponsors:

Sugar, pictured first, is a black and white female; looks very much like Bob the pig, pictured last, but whiter in the ears. It took Sugar, pictured 2nd, a while to warm up, but now she loves her life at SASHA and has a great sense of humor.

Humphrey, pictured center, is a white male from the Livingston County rescue. He and Bob, the other male, warmed up quickly to the Farm and to the volunteers and staff who fed them and played with them. Now Humphrey is the first to greet the produce volunteers when they come with yummy fruits and vegetables. He loves every day of his life!

Bob, pictured left, is a black and white male with black ears. He is full of joy and loves to eat and play.