Meet Runaround Sue

In the summer of 2014, SASHA Farm began receiving calls from the Humane Society of Huron Valley, and Saline MI residents reporting that a sheep was on the loose and attempts to catch her were unsuccessful. A family purchased the sheep to slaughter for meat and she was kept in their yard until she broke free. The sheep had tags on each ear and spray paint down her back, so she was clearly marked for slaughter. The family realized the sheep was causing problems by running loose through their neighbor’s yards. They asked us to help catch her but we only agreed if she was surrendered to SASHA Farm where she could never be someone’s dinner.

After SASHA staff caught her after spending all morning chasing after her, with the help of neighborhood residents. She was very scared when she arrived at SASHA. She had been running for her life, and even now being in a safe place she was very leery of people. Hence her name, Runaround Sue. Now she is no longer number “129” as her ear tag read. She is a “someone”, not a “something”. Her ear tags came off and her spray-painted mark for slaughter washed away. She has found freedom and love with us at SASHA Farm.