The Livingston County Eight: in Memory & in Honor of Dorothy

The Livingston County Eight: in Memory & in Honor of Dorothy

The Livingston County Eight: in Memory & in Honor of Dorothy

October 05, 2021 Read

Over the years, SASHA Farm has rescued thousands of animals in need of a better life. Sadly, abuse and neglect is something that we, at the sanctuary, witness so very often. The Livingston County Eight cruelty case that SASHA Farm was, in fact, one of the worst situations staff and volunteers have ever seen in their many years of rescue.

At the end of September 2017, Livingston County deputies contacted the sanctuary to request assistance in working an extreme animal cruelty case. The short version of the story is that a dairy farmer gave up working his farm and left all of the animals in his care to die. The piglets, chickens, and cows in this deplorable place that they once called home, now were living on death row. Multiple failed attempts to contact the owner in hopes of inquiring about this unreal situation led to a warrant in which rescuers could seize any and all animals on the property. Luckily, the amazing humans of SASHA Farm were able to intercede.

Though no one was prepared for the ghastly sight of this dilapidated farm, everyone proceeded to fight through the heartache and get to work. As they forged through the piles of feces, puddles of fermenting urine, inches upon inches of muck, and the bodies of the animals that didn’t make it out of alive, they found hope. Three cows were located in a hodgepodge of a revolting pen, which was keeping them away from a barn full of hay just feet away. Starving, terrified, and visibly shaken, these three were loaded on the trailer to freedom.

However, the rescuers realized there were more animals in need of aid, along with another farm to search. Fighting back tears, the SASHA Farm crew and deputies were able to locate three more pigs at the main farm, along with one more cow at the second plot of land they were told of. All were living in similar filth as the other four they’d just discovered. Overall, they were able to rescue eight animals. These were the fortunate ones, out of the over 70 souls left rotting on both properties.

As heart-wrenching as this story is, it has a happy ending. Siena, Maitri, Danny, Leo, and Buford are the bovine that made their way to freedom. Sugar, Humphrey, and Bob are the piglets saved from the horror that they all equally endured. We’re pleased to say that each one of these sentient beings are happy, healthy, loved and respected by everyone at the sanctuary. Just how they should be.

This is just one example of the incredible rescue stories that SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary has to share. Though Dorothy Davies is no longer with us, we will continue to do her work. We will continue to share these stories. We will continue to honor the safe haven she created for animals like Siena and her friends.